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Delivering an omnichannel payments platform that drives fast, cost-effective,
and secure card processing for retailers, merchants, and e-commerce operators across
South Africa and extended Africa markets.

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 Any payment token via any payment device to any Acquiring Bank

Being a market leader in seamless omnichannel payment processing experience, Altron FinTech ACS has various payment solution offerings including integrated POS, standalone terminals, eCommerce and mobile payments for online purchases.

Our payments platform drives fast, cost-effective, and secure payments to all the Acquiring Banks in South Africa. Retailers who have expanded into Africa use our solution to process transactions in the countries that they are present in.

Key Benefits

Industry Leaders

Altron FinTech was the first organisation in CEMEA, Africa and South Africa that listed the P2PE solution while managing all four key components of the solution. Altron FinTech was the third organisation world-wide to achieve this.


Altron FinTech ACS has a comprehensive and secure P2PE solution to reduce the PCI DSS scope for retailers. The solution provides merchants with a means to accept card-based transactions in a secure manner to help the merchants to reduce some of the onerous and cumbersome controls when having to protect the data on their own.

Supported payment tokens

Altron FinTech ACS allows merchants to accept multiple payment tokens including Visa, MC, Amex, Diners, UP, RCS, WiCode vouchers, pre-paid, gift, and reward cards as well as various value-added service products.

Bank and terminal agnostic

Altron FinTech ACS has supplied payment terminals to the Banking and Retail industries in South Africa since 1993. We supply a host of various terminals ranges that have been manufactured to comply with international Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Processing in 7 African countries

It is Altron FinTech’s strategy to drive growth into Africa by providing our existing and prospective customers, exposure to our entire FinTech range of technology products, services and solutions.

Active/Active Environment

In the Altron FinTech ACS application-level active/active environment, two active production servers are deployed to maintain online transaction processing services during failures at either site—whether the failure is a communications, network, server, or other data centre disruption. This ensures redundancy of end-of-day processes such as reconciliation, extract, and settlement.

Field services

The Fintech Field Services team provides cost effective field support to any business type. With regional offices across South Africa, the field services team will provide installation, maintenance, and training within South Africa and parts of the African continent. The Fintech Field Services team will provide high quality service and secure warehousing for inventory.

Trading Terminals

Years PCI compliance

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