Payment Terminal Hardware

Altron FinTech supplies various types of terminals from manufacturers such as
Bluebird, Verifone, Urovo and PAX. Our payment software caters for both Linux and
Android operating systems across the integrated and mobile environments.
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The Altron FinTech ACS payment terminal offering of software applications, hardware platforms and services covers the full spectrum of certified operational functionality as is required by a customer in the payment marketplace.

The Altron FinTech ACS terminal hardware ranges on offer provide high speed secure transactions as well as unrivalled flexibility of connection and communication without compromising security.

Key Benefits

Payment Acceptance Technology

Altron FinTech ACS offers a comprehensive portfolio of card acceptance and pin entry products, services and solutions fully compliant to meet the needs of the payment and retail industries. The industry security and operational requirements are certified and validated to the required PCI and P2PE standards.


Altron FinTech ACS has PIN pads or portable terminals (PEDS – PIN Entry Devices) that have been assessed as achieving PCI PTS version 3 standard or higher and which have been prepared in a highly secure, formally assessed environment with a certified key injection facility.

Key Injection

Altron FinTech ACS has a 7 Tier PCI SOC facility with a certified key injection environment which handles all payment device security requirements from secure key loading, software loading, remote device & software management, device tracking and activation.

Repair Centre

The Altron FinTech ACS Repair Centre operation provides repairs to the complete range of hardware platforms provided by Altron FinTech ACS, with a pre-delivery preparation and inspection on all new units before delivery, provides receiving and dispatch processes, interfaces to the logistics local and international partners, and provides MIS reporting.

Field Services

The Altron FinTech ACS Field Services team is able to provide cost-effective in-field support to any business, regardless of the business type. We can provide our clientele with installation, maintenance, and training whether they are based in South Africa or certain parts of the African continent. Our various regional offices throughout South Africa allows us to offer the best possible service to our customers. The Altron FinTech ACS Field Services team will provide high-quality service and secure warehousing for inventory.

Remote Store

The Remote Store manufacturer platforms offered by Altron FinTech ACS delivers an advanced platform for the payment industry. It provides an open, collaborative ecosystem which connects app providers, terminal estate managers and merchants which providing you with full control over your apps, devices and data. It also provides merchants with a market-oriented business solution to leverage the potential of high-quality POS apps and Android-based POS devices.

Payment Application

The Altron FinTech ACS secure omnichannel payment processing experience provides tailored payment solutions that meets the requirements, allowing the merchant customers to pay with ease when they are at the merchant store, at POS, or purchasing goods and services.

Altron FinTech ACS payment application design for Android terminals provides two operations modes of “payment only” or as a background operation to a Business app.

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