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Altron FinTech ACS’s card personalisation and issuance solutions offer exceptional card issuance devices, software packages and supporting services to various market verticals such as Financial, Government, Corporate, Retail and Healthcare. We offer in-branch card issuance solutions as well as our technical expertise that provides maintenance services since 2013, which enable the issuance of personalised debit and credit cards by Financial Institutions. The customers of some of the major banks in South Africa, benefit daily when they receive their financial card instantly and in person when opening an account. The National ID cards are issued using our hardware, software and services solutions since 2013. In addition, our desktop issuance solutions enable customers to issue various card types including but not limited to ID, access control or loyalty cards to their employees, customers, students and patients. Our latest cloud-based technology enables the issuance of a physical card from anywhere in the world, on any registered card issuance device, from various platforms using the cloud-based software. Linked to the issuance of the physical card, are a few options with regards to issuance of a virtual token or flashpass.

Key Benefits

Association with the Entrust brand

Entrust is the world’s largest supplier of card personalisation systems and software solutions, represented in more than 150 countries by 2,500 employees with an exemplary track record for more than 50 years.

Association with Altron

Altron FinTech ACS, a Division of Altron, has been the distributor of Entrust products and software solutions since 1998 and has an in-depth understanding of the various markets we serve ensuring that we can provide our customers with highly differentiated solutions.

Hardware and software solutions

Hardware and software solutions that serve all the market verticals with holistic, end-to-end technology solutions.

Secure issuance of cards

Our instant and central card issuance solutions are in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Card Associations and cards are issued in accordance with international standards.

Cloud-based solutions

An exciting new business venture, opening new business opportunities and methodologies.

Self-service kiosks

A great unattended card issuance platform that will enable you to get your cards issued instantly.

Field services

The Fintech Field Services team provides cost effective field support to any business type. With regional offices across South Africa, the field services team will provide installation, maintenance, and training within South Africa and parts of the African continent. The Altron FinTech Field Services team will provide high quality service and secure warehousing for inventory.

Amount of cards printed

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